Thursday, April 5, 2007


Let's talk about disappointment.

There I am, in my lonely hotel room. I hate being away, even though the sliding door to the balcony is open, the view of the ocean at sunset is lovely, and the fire is going.

My one consolation is that I have my portable DVD player and my newly received (from Blockbuster) rental of:

The Big Sleep

Only one of the greatest noir films ever made. Can't wait. I open the envelope and pull out the little sleeve. Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall... that's what it says.

So I take out the disk and pop it in. I'm not paying too much attention as I'm trying to open a Coke Zero with my left hand while pushing play with my right.

But instead of Bogey and Bacall, I get this:

The Big Sleep

Oh, fuck me. Devastated.

Fortunately I had a backup in the case, so not all was lost:

Touch of Evil


Paticus said...

Is that "Touch Of Evil" with Joan Collins and Ernest Borgnine ?

Natsthename said...

One of only two or three movies with Charlton Heston that I actually liked!

Jeff K said...

Ha! Talk about rude awakenings!

Joe the Troll said...

Good cast on that 1978 version, but still an entirely unnecessary film.

If you like noir, try "The Killing." I don't think it's been remade.

Eden said...

Hey at least it had Robert Mitchum & James Stewart. Still, if I had "Touch of Evil," that's what I'd watch too.

Jeff K said...

I love -- and own -- The Killing. Stanley Kubrick's first feature, made in 1956. Big influence on Tarantino's "Jackie Brown," as it shows the same scene a number of times but from points of view of different characters.

Don said...

I was gonna say, "Dude, it has Bob Mitchum!" but that's already been covered. Good movies all, even though I've seen all of none of them. I've never sit around watching movies when I travel. Actually, um, I never thought of it. Hm. But not where there's a beach and a sunset. Goodness. Whereat?

Joe the Troll said...

"Stanley Kubrick's first feature"

Actually, his third, after "Fear and Desire" and "Killer's Kiss", but it is, I think, the earliest one available commercially.

O' Tim said...

Don wrote: "But not where there's a beach and a sunset."

And don't forget the fire is going. Poor Kos.

Joe the Troll said...

I don't really watch movies on the road, either, but it would be better than sitting on the beach watching a bottle of Corona sweat, like the commercials suggest. :-)

Jeff K said...

Shit, Joe, I own Killer's Kiss, so I shoulda not got that one wrong!