Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tear Jerkers

As I sit here watching Brian's Song, the question hits me. What movies brought you to tears, literally a wet face. This is mine, always has, always will. Well this and Old Yeller. What's yours?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monster Mash

Babies, we need a topic. Found one at, a photo essay of "22 Goofy Movie Monsters". Why 22? Perhaps to make me ask "why 22?"

Anarchist I am, my pick for goofiest monster is not from a movie, but the greatest children’s live action Saturday morning extraveganza of all time, "Land of the Lost." Sleestak ruled. One even wore a sparkly vest and could speak English. My brothers and I would play Sleestak often by running about and sucking air through our teeth, oven mitts on both hands.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Amazon deal on Cary Grant box set

Amazon's Deal of the Day today is the Cary Grant box set.

The Cary Grant Box Set (Holiday / Only Angels Have Wings / The Talk of the Town / His Girl Friday / The Awful Truth) (1938)

Regular prince is $50, sale is $20. So $4/movie isn't bad.

What's your favorite Cary Grant movie? What's your favorite Cary Grant performance?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Sam Diversion

A new post at Startling Stories!

Okay, it's just video of my boy, but you gotta start somewhere...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

M3 2008: The Champion!

Mønti Pythøn ik den Høli Gräilen

With a final score of Holy Grail 4, Young Frankenstein 2, The Grail has prevailed!

And with final scores of 103 each, Paticus and Asbestos Dust are co-champions of this year's March Movie Madness pool! They, along with O'Tim and Teacake, picked The Grail as the best comedy (or funniest movie) of all time.

Paticus and Asbestos Dust will each receive a digital certificate that they will be able to proudly display on their own blogs, as well as being recognized here at Film Freaks Film Club. Congrats and great work, guys!

Special props to Nat who managed to come in third without picking the winning film.

Here is the final breakdown of scores, along with each person's pick for the best comedy:

Paticus 25+18+24+18+8+10=103; Holy Grail
Asbestos Dust 25+18+16+18+16+10=103; Holy Grail
Nat 26+24+24+12+8+0=94; Some Like it Hot
O’Tim 26+16+16+12+8+10=88; Holy Grail
Teacake 26+18+8+12+8+10=82; Holy Grail
Lucy 23+20+20+12+0+0=75; Airplane
Brad 27+20+20+6+0+0=73; Dr. Strangelove
Lady Strathconn 21+18+12+12+8+0=71; Young Frankenstein
Looney 22+18+16+6+8+0=70; Dr. Strangelove
Paula 25+16+12+6+8+0=67; Young Frankenstein
Sour Grapes 22+18+16+6+0+0=62; Life of Brian
Eden 23+14+12+12+0+0=61; Duck Soup
Cody Bones 24+18+12+6+0+0=60; Airplane
Jodie 26+22+8+0+0+0=56; A Fish Called Wanda
Krissy 27+12+12+0+0+0=51; A Fish Called Wanda
Emma 19+12+8+12+0+0=51; Life of Brian
Joe the Troll 24+14+8+0+0+0=46; Being There
Arlene 11+6+4+0+0+0=21; Princess Bride

Thanks to everyone for playing. Can't wait to decide what we do next year!

Monday, April 7, 2008

M3 2008: Round 5 Standings

Well, it's officially a three-person race now. Asbestos Dust was the only person who successfully chose both movies in the championship round.

Champion announced tomorrow!

Nat 26+24+24+12+8=94
Paticus 25+18+24+18+8=93
Asbestos Dust 25+18+16+18+16=93
O’Tim 26+16+16+12+8=78
Lucy 23+20+20+12+0=75
Brad 27+20+20+6+0=73
Teacake 26+18+8+12+8=72
Lady Strathconn 21+18+12+12+8=71
Looney 22+18+16+6+8=70
Paula 25+16+12+6+8=67
Sour Grapes 22+18+16+6+0=62
Eden 23+14+12+12+0=61
Cody Bones 24+18+12+6+0=60
Jodie 26+22+8+0+0=56
Krissy 27+12+12+0+0=51
Emma 19+12+8+12+0=51
Joe the Troll 24+14+8+0+0=46
Arlene 11+6+4+0+0=21

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Charlton Heston Oct. 4, 1924 - April 5, 2008

Heston, shown being sworn in as NRA president.

Hollywood lost a big one last night. Heston's name is almost synonymous with classic high-budget cinema extravaganza. Let's face it, no one could smash stone tablets in righteous indignation like this cat could.

Rest in Peace, Chuck.

M3 2008: Semi-final Champ 2

SCORE: Young Frankenstein 4, Life of Brian 2

It's a Brooks vs. Python finale!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

M3 2008: Semi-final Champ 1

Holy Grail 5, Blazing Saddles 0

Le ballon rouge

I first chanced upon this 1956 French film by Albert Lamorisse on TV, and ever since I've been looking for a videotape or a DVD. Once I taped it from the TV station Arte, but they started early and I missed the start.

I wanted to have it for my children and myself because it's quite simply one of the best short films I can think of. For what it's worth, the film won a Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1956, and it's the only short film ever to win an Oscar outside of the short-film categories (for Best Screenplay, against La strada, The Bold and the Brave and The Ladykillers).

I'm not going to give anything away, because a first-time watching should be entirely from scratch. It's only 38 minutes long, and it won't matter a bit if you don't understand the French (there's next to no dialogue). I found it, finally, on Google Video, thanks to the excellent site Smashing Telly.

Albert Lamorisse, by the way, also invented the board-game Risk.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

M3 2008: Round 4 Standings

So we have Mel Brooks vs. Monty Python on the left, and Mel Brooks vs. Monty Python on the right. This round, each correct pick was worth 6 points. Nat maintains a (oh so very slight) lead, with Paticus nipping at her heels. Given that next round's picks are worth 8 each, and picking the champion is worth 10, there are still a possible 26 points out there to be had. Which means the top 6 or 7 peeps have a shot (including Teacake who, after falling mightily, found her footing and climbed heroically!).

Nat 26+24+24+12=86
Paticus 25+18+24+18=85
Asbestos Dust 25+18+16+18=77
Lucy 23+20+20+12=75
Brad 27+20+20+6=73
O’Tim 26+16+16+12=70
Teacake 26+18+8+12=64
Lady Strathconn 21+18+12+12=63
Sour Grapes 22+18+16+6=62
Looney 22+18+16+6=62
Eden 23+14+12+12=61
Cody Bones 24+18+12+6=60
Paula 25+16+12+6=59
Jodie 26+22+8+0=56
Krissy 27+12+12+0=51
Emma 19+12+8+12=51
Joe the Troll 24+14+8+0=46
Arlene 11+6+4+0=21

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

M3 2008: Zeppo Region Champion

Life of Brian 5, Raising Arizona 2

That does it -- the Final Four is set, and it's turned into the Mel Brooks vs. Monty Python competition!

I'll post standings tomorrow, but suffice it to say there are still a number of people in the running.

M3 2008: Chico Region Champion

Blazing Saddles 6, Annie Hall 0
A shutout!

Mel Brooks has two of the Final Four! Hooray, Mel!

M3 2008: Harpo Region Champion

Young Frankenstein 5, Some Like It Hot 2

M3 2008: Groucho Region Champion

Holy Grail 9, Dr. Strangelove 3