Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"I Do's and Don'ts"

As June is an uber-popular month for weddings, and inspired by ew.com, the topic of discuss is, "The best, and worst, movie weddings".

My pick for best, Muriel's Wedding. I don't know which I love more, ABBA's "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" in place of the traditional wedding march, or the bridesmaid who left a "ring around the groom".

The worst? "My Best Friends Wedding". A snooze fest from start to finish, with the exception of the "I Say a Little Prayer" sing-along. Both female leads, absolute bores and the entire movie hung on a union I could care less about.


Eden said...

My first thought is the wedding in The Philadelphia Story, even though it switches grooms & we don't really see it. When I was a kid, I liked the wedding bit in The Sound Of Music, which was just a visual. Of course The Graduate would be way up there. I also have hazy visuals from Boogie Nights & Raising Arizona but I can't remember how they transpired. I also liked the weddings in Four Weddings & A Funeral, even the one where Gareth drops dead.

Bad weddings? I agree about My Best Friend's Wedding. Yawn. I'm kind of blanking on more. I do have a visual-only of Anakin & Padme at the lake. The wedding itself isn't bad. Ooh! I have one. The wedding in Bram Stoker's Dracula where she drinks wine through the veil and he has that badly powdered white/grey hair (in the 1992 style) and they have the wreaths and it's all in Romanian (supposedly at a convent, I believe) and then these two Victorians getting married in a convent have a long, langorous tongue kiss at the end. I don't think they did that through the veil.

Jeff said...

Best wedding: Napoleon Dynamite (the extended ending with Kip's wedding to LaFawnduh)
Runner-up: The Godfather

Still thinking about worst...

Sour Grapes said...

The Godfather. How that can be runner-up to anything I don't know, JEFF. The motif comes back later in the film, and later in the trilogy. It was also later to be seen in numerous mob films, and in The Sopranos, when the wedding of Johnny Sac's daughter marks the point where he decides to look for a deal, and where Phil Leotardi decides Johnny is no longer a block on his climb to power.

Another great wedding: Heaven's Gate. I don't care what Hollywood says, that film is a masterpiece.

For a bad wedding, you have to go back in time to before the start of The War of the Roses.

Jeff said...

Have you seen the extended ending of Napoleon Dynamite? Kip's wedding after the funeral? Napoleon riding up on the stallion is one of the single funniest physical humor film moments of the past 30 years. But because I hold you in such high esteem, I will declare the two a tie for first.

Natsthename said...

Oh, another ND lover! Do you know how many people HATE that movie? I laugh my butt off every time he hits that tetherball, man. Have not seen the extended ending, but now I MUST!

ANd I have to agree that "Muriel's Wedding" is wonderful! What a fun flick, with fine performances from both of the ladies.

My favorite wedding film has to be "Four Weddings And A Funeral." I still fall for Hugh Grant every time I watch this one (just saw it again last week on TV!) Love all the supporting cast, too. AND you get four weddings, each with their own comic touches. Brilliant.

Teacake said...

I second all the love for Four Weddings and a Funeral.

At risk of getting kicked out of hte filminati, I love The Wedding Singer. Love Love Love it.

My favorite particular movie wedding is in Steve Martin's Father of the Bride. I hate to step on Spencer Tracy's toes like that, but Steve Martin is brilliant.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding has to be the most overrated wedding movie evah.

O' Tim said...

Ouch! Though I like Steve Martin, I'd compare his remake to Spencer's as "adequate" (Martin Short is who made the remakes).

I liked Betsy's Wedding, mostly because it had Madeleine Kahn but also for good writing/directing from Alan Alda and a great ensemble cast.

Also, cheers for The Philadelphia Story, (for any reason).

Can't really think of a "worst."

Teacake said...

I can't get around that annoying top hat Molly Ringwald has on in Betsy's Wedding.

And yeah, I knew it was blasphemy, but I'm blinded by my love of Steve. I even love LA Story.

Jeff said...

I loved Big Fat Greek Wedding, but mostly because if you replaced "Greek" with "Polish," that would have been my family and the weddings I grew up attending.

Miz UV said...

BFGW is my fave wedding movie. The wedding scenes in Graduate and 4W&AF were good too. Also love Martin and L.A. Story, but haven't seen FOTB. Don't remember Godfadder wedding. Michael Douglas' wedding speech in You, Me & Dupree was freaking hilarious!