Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Laszlo Kovacs, cinematographer extraordinaire


The talented and prolific Laszlo Kovacs died Sunday at age 74. I can't really add anything to the media coverage and Internet except to say that he shot some of my favorite films:

Say Anything
Easy Rider
The Last Waltz
Freebie and the Bean
Paper Moon
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
What's Up, Doc?
The King of Marvin Gardens
Five Easy Pieces

More about the man:

IMDb entry

Wikipedia entry

story at NPR

article in Variety


Natsthename said...

OMG, Freebie And The Bean! I have not heard mention of that flick in quite some time.

I recall seeing Kovacs' name in credits rolling by, but didn't realize just how many films he had his hands in. It's an amazing list.

RIP Lazlo!

Jeff said...

What I've always been most impressed by was Laszlo's ability to shoot films based on what the film needed, not on his own personal style. Compare Five Easy Pieces to Close Encounters to Shampoo to Say Anything and you'd never know it was the same cinematographer. Brilliant. Huge loss. Thanks for the post.

Jodie K said...

Two of me all time faves on that list and Kos hits it on the head; would never connect the dots between those films. Amazing.