Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where the ef is the FFFC?



Is there anybody in there?

Let's pick a film, people and start the confab. I think we have a contendah in the post which follows. Call it our flick for October?


Natsthename said...

I think we're watching "Being John Malkovich: this month!!

Jefe said...

Next year we can all watch this movie.

'Cause I just landed a part in it. Not big, but... it's with Murphy himself.

Feeling a little happy right now...

Teacake said...

And Jeff was in NowhereLand with Eddie Murphy who was in Beverly Hills Cop with Judge Reinhold who was in Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Sean Penn who was in Mystic River with Bacon.

4 degrees. Nice. And I'm sure there's a faster way but I scorn those who use IMDB to play Bacon.


I'll be happy to discuss BJM, but I'm not watching it. Sorry to be a pooper, but I so despised that movie the first time I saw it there's no way I'd waste any portion of my life watching it again. At least there are strong feelings. :)

Natsthename said...

LOL Teacake, I used IMDB way back when Six degrees was a new thing, but I got decent at it without using IMDB or any other "cheat" source! (My proudest moment...John Wayne to Bacon in 4 degrees without cheating ..Bacon to John Candy in JFK, Candy to Maureen O'Hara in Only the Lonely, then O-Hara to Wayne in The Quiet Man.)
Anyway, Jefe, congrats on scoring a role!!

Emma said...

Kevin Bacon hosted SNL so I think Lorne Michaels is the only connection needed (assuming I've got the years right and Murphy and Bacon were both on the show during Michaels' tenure).

Jodie K said...

So "Being John Malkovich" it is. Having watched the movie, I'll open with a talking point. Discuss:

Cameron Diaz - brilliant choice for the role or woefully miscast? She sort of did the Charlize-Theron-pretty-girl-ugly role before it was Academy Award gold. Did the persona get in the way?

...and cheers, Jefe ;)

Jefe said...

I came up with 4 a different way:

Jeff in NowhereLand w/Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy in Trading Places w/Dan Aykroyd
Dan Aykroyd in Blues Brothers w/John Belushi
John Belushi in Animal House w/Kevin Bacon

Natsthename said...

I like the ANimal House connection! (and lots of people forget to use that movie for Bacon!)

(God, we're all geeks! I love it.)

Teacake said...

Kevin Bacon hosted SNL so I think Lorne Michaels is the only connection needed

Hey now, you cannot use TV for Bacon.

John Wayne! Nice! My sort-of proudest moment was Rudolph Valentino but it was a group effort and it took more than 6 degrees so not really. I was the Word Bacon Champ in my department at my old company though (yes, we were global, but those Argentinians, while they have many gifts, cannot play Bacon worth shit).

But seriously, Sleepers totally killed Bacon (as a game, although I don't feel it was such a great career move for the man either). No challenge at all anymore.

Eden said...

I was at Disney World. I think I'm movie-charactered-out for a couple of weeks at least ;)