Monday, July 7, 2008

Here he comes to save the day

I like the idea of a super-flawed superhero, one with the power to save the world and make it a brighter, happier place but none of the desire to. That's "Hancock". Loved the concept, not so enamored of how the tale played out.

The script didn't dumb it down, literally crashing viewers into the story, forcing them to believe in the reality of its premise from frame one. Jason Bateman, magnificent in “Juno" and even better here, plays a PR man with a heart of gold and vision of a better future without coming across as a do-gooder buffoon. He delivers the wry, comedic quip like no one else. Special effects are, of course, unbelievable and, of course, over done.

Then comes “the twist” (like a virgin on prom night, I won’t give it up). My brow remained furrowed in confusion until a cover-my-eyes-at-time violent third act and return of (really) not such a scary bad guy. And all good super heroes need a scary bad guy.

Speaking of bad guys, although not a fan of the franchise, I breathlessly and sadly await Heath Ledger as the “Joker”. The trailer had me to tears at just the brief glimpse of genius and madness. Shocking really.


O' Tim said...

Don't go to the cineplex much anymore, so I'll save Hancock for DVD.

Dark Knight will be an exception. I hope it lives up to what Heath's performance looks like. Watching the extended trailer, I thought that it sucks he won't be around for a reprise.

Eden said...

I also like an anti-hero and am therefore a big Batman fan. I love this new imagining of Batman and am sooo eager for Dark Knight. I had read though that there was no intention of bringing the Joker back for #3. There's no reason another actor couldn't do it if that was the plan but from what I understand, Heath Ledger created such an iconic rendition that it's pretty much cemented what the Joker is.

What I'm really digging in the trailers is his voicework. He was always a great actor to use his voice, in ways that not many actors do.

Don said...

kid said hancock is the best

i liked nicholson's joker a lot -- but lookin forward to dark knight

Natsthename said...

I haven't seen a superhero flick since that awful Superman thing with Kate Bosworth in it. ICK!

Loved Ledger ever since I couldn't keep my eyes off him in The Patriot (which wasn't a good film, but Heath looked like a cute, blonde Andy Gibb to me, so I watched the whole thing.) Anyway, I think I'll see Dark Knight, but only to see this hyped performance. I hope it lives up to the ballyhoo!

Joe the Troll said...

I'd see it regardless, as Batman Begins was, to me, the best of the entire franchise. I wouldn't have expected to see him return, however, since superhero movies tend to end with the death of the villain, unlike the comics they stem from. The exceptions like the X-Men villains and Lex Luthor are far outnumbered.

Nat- I thought that new Superman was pretty lame, too but until now I was the only one I knew. Why did they set it 5 years after the other films and hire actors that all looked 10 years younger?

JodieKash said...

Anyone catch the "Batman"? I'll take myself to a matinee this week.

A friend saw it and said to me, "I know how much you liked Heath Ledger, but you can't even tell it's him in this movie."

She thinks with the left side of her brain.

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