Monday, May 14, 2007

One Day More

Okay, one more day till discussion day! Hope everyone had a chance to watch it. I'll post an intro and some ideas tomorrow.


Jeff said...

I finally received word from NetFlix that it's on the way and I should have it tomorrow, so I'll be a few days behind in the discussion but will jump in as soon as I can!!!!

Teacake said...

I am clearly going to have to sign up for Netflix if I'm to stay a filminati. :(

O' Tim said...

I wonder how many Filminati it would take to create "a run" on NF or other vids-by-mail service. I mean, how many copies of Northfork would they think they need? Perhaps they keep one of everything at each of their distribution centers? Not likely.

Kos - The Aristocrats is very interesting. It's absolutely disgusting in some parts - George Carlin and Bob Saget top the list there - and absolutely hilarious in others. Martin Mull's version is my favorite, along with Kevin Pollak's spot-on impression of Christopher Walken and the guy (name?) who tells the joke with a card trick. It's definitely something every comedian or comedyphile should see.