Monday, November 5, 2007


WTF? Least scary movie ever. Even less scary than The Blair Witch Project, which before 1408 was the least scary movie ever, and almost as boring. My four-year-old child was scarier than 1408 on Halloween. She was dressed as Cinderella.

Johnny Cusack, what has happened to you?


Jefe said...

We just watched this last weekend, and I felt exactly the same! It was just plain boring. I am looking forward to Cusack's War, Inc., though.

Eden said...

I think JC does one "paycheck," one "passion," one paycheck, one passion over and over again. I hear his new one is supposed to be good. I have no idea how many Clash songs will be in it. ;)

Natsthename said...

So, I can skip this one! Thanks for the warning!

Teacake said...

I should have known when the story it's based on wasn't scary, either, but. You know, Cusack, you gotta at least try.

Nina said...

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