Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Field of Clover


Call me a sucker. I want to see this movie. I want to see this movie so bad I'm willing to skip freakin' Christmas to have today be January 18. Sick, innit.

I dislike viral hype campaigns for the most part. Don't fake it, either show me an ad or don't, right?

Doesn't matter. This one's killing me. Either the campaign has been done right to get past my defenses or, more likely, my love of the big monster movies I grew up on has never truly faded away. Whatever the case, the guy who doesn't go to scary movies anymore is going to this one.

Don't call me on January 18. I'll be waiting in line.


Natsthename said...

So, the monster is some kind of polar bear, black cloud wait. That's "Lost." I didn't see Transformers, so I haven't heard of this movie, but it has potential, since it's JJ Abrams. We shall see!

Jefe said...

I do dig Abrams' stuff, so I'll definitely see this one.