Monday, January 7, 2008

The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep

I have a 10-year-old son who begs to go to every kid movie that he sees advertised on TV. Most of them are crap, and in 2007, I got dragged to see films I'd never even watch when they arrive on HBO or Showtime. (In 2007, they included Underdog, The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, and Firehouse Dog.) I was thrilled with Ratatouille and Enchanted, so sometimes I get surprised.

The Water Horse is one of those rare films aimed at the younger set that I actually liked. I'll break it down a little:

Acting: Good, especially Alex Atel as Angus, Ben Chaplin as Mr. Mowbray, and Brian Cox as The Narrator (he's always damn good anyway, even with a heavy Scottish accent.)

Effects: The water horse emerges from his egg looking nearly real and remains that way as he grows into a very large monster in the loch.

Story: Fairly believable and totally enjoyable. I had a tiny quibble with the WWII Brit. troops on the watch for German uboats as the "bad guys," and the end was predictable, since it's a kid movie. My husband even leaned over to me and said "Free Willy!" right before Crusoe (the water horse) jumped. Yes, you can see that coming a mile away.

Cinematography: Beautiful wide shots of Scottish coastline are impressive.


Teacake said...

I heard the Dark is Rising movie was terrible. That makes me sad. I will rent it anyway.

I think the guy in this water horse movie would be kind of hot if you could get that vacant look off his face. And speaking of vacant, I really raise the bar when it comes to movie commentary, don't I?

Teacake said...

P.S. You talk about ten as if you don't know perfectly well that getting dragged to these movies once is getting off light. Come on, you remember four. I can recite Finding Nemo in its entirety.

Looney said...

I didn't see this Watery Horsey thingie... BUT...

I LURVEDDDDDD Enchanted! That movie was totally fun!

Grapes 2.0 said...

Scotland rocks. The film was probably shot in New Zealand. Also, if you think Brian Cox has a heavy accent, you should meet me. In fact, you should probably just meet me anyway, get that formality out of the way.

Natsthename said...

I don't know where they shot it, but it was gorgeous!

WEll, pleased to meet you! I admire all things Scot since my husband was in pipe bands for 10 years (side drummer.) We attended many highland games and I became a fan of the culture!