Thursday, May 1, 2008

Recommended Book

I just read the advance copy of a memoir from Canadian writer, David Gilmour, and it's a doozy! The tag line reads: The true story of a father who let his son drop out of school-if he watched three movies a week.

The kid in question was in high school, in danger of dropping out anyway, and agreed to his dad's terms, which were that he had to watch 3 movies a week with him and he had to stay away from drugs.

It's an interesting, quick read, but at times it does get bogged down by minutia. What I enjoyed were the movie picks, and there's a list of all of them in the back of the book. Mr. Gilmour often split the movies into themes, which seem to ring true for me. One was "Buried Treasures," which included "True Romance," "The Last Detail," and "Murmur Of The Heart." The most creative theme had to be what Gilmour called "Stillness," which was based on his theory that an actor can steal a scene by simply not moving. That one included "High Noon," "The Godfather," and "Casablanca."

Did the kid ever go back to school? Should I be the spoiler? And did both he and his dad learn many lessons from their time watching and discussing films? What do YOU think?

The book comes out next week, so check it out if you like. It's called "The Film Club," and the author is David Gilmour.

WARNING:Here's the spoiler

(The kiddo eventually expressed interest in going back to school, so he prepped and took an exam to finish off his secondary education.)

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Joe the Troll said...

First David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, then David Gilmore the jazz guitarist, and now this guy.

It's the new John Smith.