Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Movie Madness 2009 - Jeff's Big Round-1 Screw-up

So I missed a bracket.

That's right, I completely missed O'Tim's email with his bracket. And since O'Tim is an Original Movie Madness Gangsta, ain't no way I'm dissin' him.

What does that mean?

Well, it means we have 30 participants as opposed to 29. Which means there are potentials for ties. As in previous years, a tie goes to the higher seed.

I know what you're asking: Did O'Tim's bracket change any outcomes?

Yes. One.

O'Tim voted for Cary Grant. Which made the score Cary Grant 15, Tom Hanks 15.

Cary Grant was the 8 seed and Tom Hanks the 9. Meaning Cary Grant, not Tom Hanks, has won their first-round match-up.

Sorry to all of you who voted for Hanks and counted that as a win. And congratulations to those of you who had Cary Grant.

Here's the corrected result:

I've also corrected the scores in the last two posts.

Sorry again.



Cody Bones said...

Sanity reigns

PJ said...

I'm sobbing here over the loss of my champion, DeNiro.

Natsthename said...

YAY for Grant!! WOOT!

Natsthename said...

DeNiro lost? You have inside info?

Jefe said...

PJ, DeNiro hasn't lost anything yet! These were just half of the first-round matches. DeNiro's will be revealed today!

Eden said...

Yay O'Tim!

jro said...

Thank goodness for O'Tim. Otherwise I would have been shut out of that group of 8.

PJ said...

Thank goodness. Someday I may come to understand this FFFC game!

Natsthename said...


PJ said...

Oh, you just keep LOLing at me, Nat, do not worry, my feelings are NOT HURT.

No they ARE NOT.

[now what the hell am I supposed to do next????]

O' Tim said...

Thank you! Thank you! [catches rose in teeth] Sang nu! Glad I could help bring back some sanity in the midst of the MacLaine and Fonda ousters.