Monday, March 23, 2009

March Movie Madness 2009 - Round 1 Results Pt. A

As I explained in an earlier post, results are determined by your picks. Since there are 29 participants, a total of 29 points are available per match. NOTE: These are not your point totals; they are the scores of the matches. For Round 1, you get one point per match you picked correctly. I'll post each match-up's final score so you can see how close some of these matches are, along with the blow-outs!


Marlon Brando 20
Johnny Depp 10

Cary Grant 15
Tom Hanks 15

Denzel Washington 14
Robert Downey Jr. 16

Peter O'Toole 16
Clint Eastwood 14


Julie Christie 10
Sally Field 20

Ingrid Bergman 18
Frances McDormand 12

Jane Fonda 12
Diane Keaton 18

Audrey Hepburn 24
Kathy Bates 6

A few matches came down to the wire, and a few were never in doubt.
Next groupings will be posted in the next hour.


Natsthename said...

Eeks, I'm already biting the suck.

Oh well. This year I didn't try to pick the ones I thought would win; rather, I went with the ones I liked best. I guess I go against the grain.

jro said...

As a newby this year to this bracketville, I noticed, just like the NCAA, how important the match ups were. I'll see how it turns out, but I thought, "poor Will Smith has no chance against Paul Newman but could take down Harrison Ford and Russell Crowe".

Jefe said...

jro ... that you, Jim?

Eden said...

That's how I play too Nat ;)

Emma said...

I didn't pick either Harrison Ford or Russell Crowe, but I would have had either one of them been pitted against Will Smith. I've just never really been impressed with Smith.

But I'm pretty sure I'll end up in the bottom five, so, really, what the hell do I know?

Anonymous said...

Yes. jro = Jim Roseto

Grapes 2.0 said...

I'm already open-mouthed. People picked Tom Hanks over Cary Grant? Ingrid Bergman over Frances McDormand? Is this a competition of actors or stars? Sorry, Diane Keaton? What? Would someone point me to the film she made where she wasn't Annie Hall? Cuz I'm not getting it. Hello, Klute? Coming Home? Barbarella? Agnes of God? On Golden kinPond FFS?

That's all for this round, f-f-f-olks.

PJ said...

Grapes is feeling grouchy, obviously.

PJ said...

I'm feeling really grouchy now. Even more grouchy than Alan/Grapes, which is REALLY grouchy.

Natsthename said...

Grapes, I picked both Grant and Bergman, as they were understated and elegant, yet powerful. The Bergman/McDOrmand was tough for me, though. I adore Frances. I also went with Hanoi Jane.