Wednesday, April 2, 2008

M3 2008: Round 4 Standings

So we have Mel Brooks vs. Monty Python on the left, and Mel Brooks vs. Monty Python on the right. This round, each correct pick was worth 6 points. Nat maintains a (oh so very slight) lead, with Paticus nipping at her heels. Given that next round's picks are worth 8 each, and picking the champion is worth 10, there are still a possible 26 points out there to be had. Which means the top 6 or 7 peeps have a shot (including Teacake who, after falling mightily, found her footing and climbed heroically!).

Nat 26+24+24+12=86
Paticus 25+18+24+18=85
Asbestos Dust 25+18+16+18=77
Lucy 23+20+20+12=75
Brad 27+20+20+6=73
O’Tim 26+16+16+12=70
Teacake 26+18+8+12=64
Lady Strathconn 21+18+12+12=63
Sour Grapes 22+18+16+6=62
Looney 22+18+16+6=62
Eden 23+14+12+12=61
Cody Bones 24+18+12+6=60
Paula 25+16+12+6=59
Jodie 26+22+8+0=56
Krissy 27+12+12+0=51
Emma 19+12+8+12=51
Joe the Troll 24+14+8+0=46
Arlene 11+6+4+0=21


Emma said...

Hey, I moved up a spot. Go me.

Eden said...

I'm rooting for Grail/YF in the final. I don't care which wins b/c both are faves :)

krissy said...

I came so close to having a couple picks in the final 4, sooooo close yet soooo far. Guess I'm done for this year!!

They are all good...but I had Raising AZ all the way.

Emma said...

I'm rooting for a Python v. Python. Of course, I doubt the Python movie I picked to win the whole shebang. But, you know, I had to go with my heart.

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O' Tim said...

Sorry, gps, I'm fresh out of lasts.

Jefe said...

I had no idea that .ahug had been released as a possible domain extension. What do you guys think about switching to filmfreaksfilmclub.blogspot.ahug?

Looney said...

I think I need ahug.

Jodie K said...

I think I'd have to beat the huggable crap outta ya.

O' Tim said...

.ahug would be nice, but .bljb would be better.

Looney said...

Oh, right you are... Have I pissed everyone off so much that I can't even get ahug? They wanna kick the huggable crap outta me?

Then again, the idea of "huggable crap" is a little grim :-)