Sunday, April 6, 2008

Charlton Heston Oct. 4, 1924 - April 5, 2008

Heston, shown being sworn in as NRA president.

Hollywood lost a big one last night. Heston's name is almost synonymous with classic high-budget cinema extravaganza. Let's face it, no one could smash stone tablets in righteous indignation like this cat could.

Rest in Peace, Chuck.


Miz UV said...

LOL! Great post, Joe.


Jefe said...

While his on-camera resume is legendary, hid greatest turn as an actor was as the narrator in the Bud Lught radio commercials of the 1990s. "He got the Bud Light!"

Natsthename said...

I disagreed with his politics, but I liked him in so many roles, even if he was sort of one-dimensional as an actor. RIP to the guy that Michael Moore pissed off!

Looney said...

Ah, I think it's time to call a Planet of the Apes movie-thon!!!

Love that ol' movie :-)

Nice pic, Joe!

Jodie K said...

Soylent green is people!!!!

As much as I disliked the NRA stance, can’t fault a guy who delivered that line with such pathos.

Don said...

Was he a conservative, or merely a believer in empowering the masses' liberty? He marched with Dr. King, and so far as I know suffered no significant changes in outlook between then and his role as NRA Prez. Of course, to deal with the NRA, you have to deal with some pretty fucked up people, but WTF, that's true with any large group.

I won't do an Apes marathon, but Ben Hur possibly.

Eden said...

Damn dirty apes.

I liked his cameo in Wayne's World 2.

Natsthename said...

don, I read he was a Dem for much of his adult life, but turned very conservative at some point.

Ben Hur is still my favorite of his films, but I do admit to loving his Will Penney or Penny or whatever.

But those 70's flicks of his...egad. I hated Soylent Green, even if it boasted such a great line (BORING FLICK!) and that Airport '75 and Two-Minute Warning were awful. And wasn't he in that Earthquake thing or one of those icky disaster flicks?

Joe the Troll said...

Yes, he was in "Earthquake".Anyone who's in movies long enough makes some real dogs, though.

I think he may have been a conservative in the way that a lot of folks are. People see him sticking up for gun rights and then ascribe to him every position they see as "conservative." The same happens to me. Then I say something about the war and I'm a bleeding heart America-hating liberal again.

Eden said...

To quote Banky Edwards, "Well isn't that true?"