Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Movie Madness 2009 - Round 1 Results Pt. C


Michael Caine 17
William Hurt 13

Sir Lawrence Olivier 12
Sean Penn 18

Gary Oldman 21
Gregory Peck 9

Dustin Hoffman 28
Russell Crowe 2


Katharine Hepburn 30
Halle Berry 0

Olivia de Havilland 5
Kate Winslet 25

Vanessa Redgrave 25
Angelina Jolie 5

Cate Blanchett 25
Juliette Binoche 5


Eden said...

I think I got all of these.

Kate versus Katharine was a tough choice in the next round ;)

Natsthename said...

I didn't..I can't stand WInslet, and always thought deHavilland was a class act. Kate vs. Katharine is not tough for me!

jro said...

Back to my drivel about matchups. For instance, if Sally Field had been matched up against virtually anyone else but Julie Christie or Angelina, she would have gone down.

Jefe said...

Obviously not enough people are familiar with Julie Christie, because she should have won hands-down. Incredibly talented actress.

gekko said...

So 16 (if I'm counting correctly) out of 30 is ... um ... yeah.

O' Tim said...

Don't be dissing my Gidget! How many actresses have won top Oscar honors twice? I think the 20-10 victory over Julie Christie shows, among other things, that Sally's body of work is well known and for good reason well liked. With her Oscar-winning roles in (two of my favorite films) Norma Rae and Places In The Heart, her critical breakthrough in Sybil and other great performances in Punchline, Murphy's Romance, Absence of Malice and of course Smokey And Teh Bandit II She's one of my faves.

Teacake said...

You all did not seriously pick Jeff Spiccoli over Olivier. Pure balls, peeps, pure balls.

Natsthename said...

I didn't, Teacake. No way. I mean, Penn's really good, but Olivier is greatness.

Paticus said...

Someone has to say it, regarding Sally Field- You like her!! You all REALLY like her !!!

Natsthename said...

LOL. I like her OK, but I'm really not that blown away by her, with the exception of Places In The Heart and Sybil.