Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Movie Madness 2009 - Round 3 Results & Standings

Once again, the majority of the matches weren't really close, though there were three that came down to the wire: Newman vs. DeNiro, Day-Lewis vs. Nicholson and Bergman vs. Audrey Hepburn. Here are the results:

Brando 12
O'Toole 2

Penn 5
Hoffman 14

Streep 25
Davis 1

Foster 16
Taylor 3

Newman 10
DeNiro 7

Day-Lewis 12
Nicholson 9

K. Hepburn 13
Blanchett 7

Bergman 6
A. Hepburn 7

(first number is round 1 score, then round 2 score, then round 3 score, then total so far)
Brad 27 26 20 73
Paula O. 26 26 20 72
O'Tim 24 22 20 66
Nat 21 24 20 65
Steph 25 20 20 65
Keith 26 22 16 64
Kirk 26 18 20 64
Robin 25 18 20 63
John 25 20 16 61
Paticus 23 18 20 61
Tanya 26 20 12 58
Paula L 27 18 12 57
Dave S. 26 18 12 56
Julie 22 18 16 56
Jim M. 24 14 16 54
Cody 21 12 20 53
Dave B. 21 16 16 53
Emma S. 21 16 16 53
Jim R. 22 18 12 52
Jorge 25 18 8 51
Ross 23 16 12 51
Alan 24 14 12 50
Harris 24 14 12 50
PJ 21 14 12 47
Nancy 20 16 8 44
Delmer 20 12 12 44
James 22 10 12 44
Bahar 22 12 8 42
Sheri 20 10 8 38
Michelle 18 10 8 36

Now for the big news: I'm altering how I determine the winning actor/actress from here on out. At least, I'm modifying it. This is because as the tournament winds down, fewer and fewer votes determine a winner. So look for an email from me to you and only you. In it I will ask you to choose the best actor/actress from the remaining pairings. That way more people will determine which actor/actress moves on. Caveat: You won't be asked about a match-up if you currently have a chance to win that match-up, i.e., if you correctly picked Brando and Hoffman last round, and have chosen Brando to move on, you've already cast your vote. Even if you picked Brando vs. Penn and picked Brando to win, you've already cast your vote. If, however, you've picked Penn to win that match-up (something that cannot happen), I'll ask you to pick between Brando and Hoffman.

Yes, that all sounded much more confusing than it really is. Just answer the email I send you and trust me.


delmer said...

I've gained two places.

I hope I haven't waited too long to start my sprint.

PJ said...

Am I correct in inferring that the Nancy who is now TRAILING me by 3 points, is the same "N" who gloated that she had passed PJ?

If I'm not correct, I apologize. If I am correct ...


N. said...

I was counting on you having consumed mass quantities of Cackbread and not notice any of this.

Yo, Jeff, I totally get yer new scoring thingermajig. Howzabout that, hmm?

Natsthename said...

I get it. I don't know that it's really necessary, but I get it.

and LOL PJ!

O' Tim said...

If Daniel Day-Lewis wins this thing There WILL Be Blood!

Grapes 2.0 said...

So people who got it wrong can have another shot? Where's the justice?

Jefe said...

No, Grapes. They're not getting another shot. They're just helping to determine the winner of the match-up. If I asked you to choose a winner of a particular match-up, it means you can't get any points for it -- you chose someone else.

O' Tim said...

I just got your e-mail, and (hopefully not giving too much away) I gotta ask - am I getting the opportunity to vote against my original pick because there is a different opponent? Are you recalibrating it this way to bring in a full 30 votes for each remaining contest?

I suppose that under the same secret ballot principle this could swing either way to help/hurt my final result. But frankly it seems like you've created a lot more work for yourself for a questionable amount of improvement to the contest.

Don't take me as too curmudgeonly, I'm just putting this out there for discussion purposes.

Jefe said...

Hey peeps. I replied to O'Tim in an email, but basically if I asked you to pick a winner of a match (or matches), it was because you'd picked a winner who had already been beaten in an earlier round. In other words, you've already lost that match. You're just participating in determining which of the two actors/actresses will move on for those who still have a chance at winning that match.

Eden said...

We're comin' up, Nat ;)

Natsthename said...

Yep, we sure are! Go us!

PJ said...

"You're just participating in determining which of the two actors/actresses will move on for those who still have a chance at winning that match."

So basically what you're saying is, your mother has absolutely no chance at being elected Film Freaks Queen (FFQ).

Well shucks. Just shucks.

Brad said...