Thursday, March 20, 2008

M3 2008: Groucho Region, Round 2

A couple close ones here, but I don't think any huge surprises. The biggest upset was A Fish Called Wanda over The Graduate, but I don't think that was a huge surprise. Thoughts?

Dr. Strangelove 10, Spinal Tap 5
The Odd Couple 6, The Producers 5
Holy Grail 16, His Girl Friday 2
A Fish Called Wanda 8, The Graduate 5


Miz UV said...

I can't believe anyone would pick Wanda over Graduate. I'm in shock.

Eden said...

I did ;)

Tap? Gone? I had them in my final 4!

Grapes 2.0 said...

The Graduate was an awesome film in its time. Nobody had seen anything like it. Mike Nichols, baby. Elaine May. This is comedy royalty. And it launched Dustin Hoffman.

On the other hand, Wanda has John Cleese taking off his underpants. I guess that's funny in a way. You get to la-la-la-laugh at someone with a stu-tu-tu-tutter. That must count for something.

Jefe said...

Midnight Cowboy launched Dustin Hoffman. The Graduate showed he was really an actor.

Jodie K said...

I peed the bed a little in this round.

Teacake said...

I don't like The Graduate, but I can see the arguments for its classic status. If this was just good movies, fine.

But it isn't funny. Sorry it's just not.

I'm actually pretty surprised by The Tap going down. I also had it in my top four I think.

Looney said...

You're surprised by Tap going down? Against Dr. Strangelove?

Oy vey :-)

O' Tim said...

I concur on The Graduate - great film, not great comedy because its not primarily a comedy. Still, it's better than Arthur.

Tap v. Doc was a tough choice, but I think Doc was the right one. Excuse me, I mean the "right" one.

Wanda - Kevin Kline's performance(s) are comedic legend. And he quotes Nietzsche. Fuck that's gotta count for something, eh Grapes? Oh yeah, and Cleese is speaking Russian while he removes his grippies - Hahahahaha! Oh, me!

O' Tim said...

BTW, last month's VF had a great article on The Graduate

Jefe said...

I loved A Fish Called Wanda. Thought it was hilarious.

krissy said...

I think I have Fish in my final 4...I can't wait to see what happens next!