Monday, March 3, 2008

M3 2008: More Pre-discussion

Thought you'd like to know that of all the movies listed in the comments in the previous post, 12 of them didn't even make the field of 64.

Bet you can't guess which.

Also, which movies do you think might have the potential of being sleepers? Not necessarily to win it all, but to maybe go deeper into the tournament than you might expect at first glance. Movies that might upset a higher seed or two and find their way into the Sweet 16 or higher.

Remember, this year's match-up winners are going to be determined by you, not me. Whichever movie gets the most votes moves on to the next round.


Miz UV said...

I'm sure none of mine made it -- no one likes what I like, waaaaaaah!

When Harry Met Sally could be a sleeper. That movie's hilarious, even if it doesn't spring to mind right away when you're thinking comedies.

Jefe said...

"I'm sure none of mine made it"


Totally agree on WHMS...

Eden said...

Somebody said "O Brother" and I went "ooo." Completely slipped my mind.

I think A Fish Called Wanda will be a sleeper. It's K-k-k-ken! He's c-c-c-coming to k-k-k-kill me!"

Grapes 2.0 said...

I don't think Sons of the Desert was in there.

Teacake said...

Since we're going with the populist stance on who wins, I think some teen movies could be sleepers and upsetters. For example, nobody's denying the classic and ground-breaking status of Duck Soup, but I bet lots of people have fond enough memories of Pheobe Cates's boobies to vote for Fast Times at Ridgemont High instead.

If my top four aren't even in the 64 someplace, I declare the whole thing bogus and cry 'til the teacher makes me sit in the thinking chair.

Natsthename said...

I'd say two of mine for SURE didn't make it:
Princess Bride

Clerks is too indie for most people, especially people over a certain age. ;)

And Princess isn't always categorized as comedy.

And maybe you only pick ONE Python flick and it's Life Of Brian. So I could be out by three.

SOme Like It Hot HAS to be there, though.

I don't think every Mel Brooks would make it, but I think the leaning would be toward Young Frankentstein over Blazing Saddles.

BLogger keeps eating my comment. I'm getting PISSED!!

Jefe said...

I am a big fan of Stan & Ollie...

Jodie K said...

Savage Steve Holland could produce a sleeper.

I believe you somewhat dislike "Little Miss Sunshine" (or felt it overrated), so perhaps that got the poop.

Legally Blonde...legally out (apologies;)

The Breakfast Club...cya. "Sixteen Candles" the preferred Hughes.

The Incredibles…the first "Toy Story" produced more belly laughs for the nostalgia and first-time-I've seen-this-technology factor.

Miz UV said...

Oh, Legally Blonde was funny! Forgot about that one, too. Risky Biz. And FTARH rocked. Valley Girl as well.

Okay, here's a dumb one: The Last American Virgin. It was very funny. Anyone remember the papaya jam scene with Charo? ROFLer, among others.

Joe the Troll said...

Well, I think I can be pretty certain that "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" won't be there, and I doubt that NBT (Never Been Thawed) is there despite being the funniest thing I've seen in ten years or more. I just thought of another - "Eating Raoul" that probably won't be on, but should be.

Jodie K said...

"Rock n Roll High School"????

Natsthename said...

Oh, I loved "Eating Raoul'!! What a blast from the past.