Friday, March 7, 2008

M3 2008: A Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak at a few match-ups you'll see in the bracket, to get some more debate going. I'm not going to tell you the seeds, just the match-ups.

Being There vs. Best in Show

When Harry Met Sally vs. Ghostbusters

The Blues Brothers vs. Animal House (yes, I pitted Belushi against himself, because I'm a sadist!)

Gives you a little idea of just how tough this one's going to be, eh?



Eden said...

I'd be able to get through those easily, which means when I'd get up to the end, it'll be impossible ;)

Jodie K said...

Piece o' cake so far...but then, comedy is a personal thing.

Miz UV said...

One and three are no-brainers, haven't seen either in the second group, and the last I'll have to think about for a bit.

This is making me want to watch WHMS again! (I know, I know--I should watch stuff I haven't seen before. God knows there's enough of that.)

Natsthename said...

You are the definition of EVILE! ;)