Monday, March 31, 2008

M3 2008: Round 3 Standings

Better watch it, everyone, or Nat's gonna run away with this thing...

Lucky for you there are three more rounds, so it's still definitely up for grabs. Brad remains in a solid second, and Paticus and Lucy made some big strides moving up the ranks. Poor Teacake stumbled mightily, and Looney, despite all his bitching and moaning, has moved into the top-half.

Correct picks were worth 4 points each this round. Next round they'll be worth 6!

Nat 26+24+24=74
Brad 27+20+20=67
Paticus 25+18+24=67
Lucy 23+20+20=63
Asbestos Dust 25+18+16=59
O’Tim 26+16+16=58
Jodie 26+22+8=56
Sour Grapes 22+18+16=56
Looney 22+18+16=56
Cody Bones 24+18+12=54
Paula 25+16+12=53
Teacake 26+18+8=52
Krissy 27+12+12=51
Lady Strathconn 21+18+12=51
Eden 23+14+12=49
Joe the Troll 24+14+8=46
Emma 19+12+8=39
Arlene 11+6+4=21


Natsthename said...

I really cannot believe I'm holding onto a lead here!

Looney said...

despite all his bitching and moaning

Bitching and kvetching! I mean, rilly!

I do *not* moan...

And it's purely an accident. I'll be off the radar next round, surely.

Teacake said...

Teacake stumbled mightily

Well, if you're going to stumble, you may as well be mighty about it.

Looney said...

Dontcha get all high and mighty now, missy!

Hahaha... I crack myself up.

Mightily, I might add...

Teacake said...

Does anyone else have Brick House stuck in their head?