Saturday, March 1, 2008

March Movie Madness Quandary

Last year, I based March Movie Madness off of AFI's Top 100 American Movies of All Time. So this year, for comedies, I planned to once again use AFI as my main source (taking many liberties in how I seed the movies because it's my competition, dammit).

I started seeding the films this weekend and I suddenly realized that if I stick to the AFI list, some funniest of the funny will be noticeably absent. Movies such as those by the Python fellows, The Ladykillers, Shallow Grave and Withnail and I, to name but a few.

I still haven't decided what I'm going to do, but I'm working on it.

UPDATE: I've decided what I'm going to do. And you'll find out when I post the full bracket, which will be on Monday, March 10. YES, I'M MAKING YOU WAIT ANOTHER WEEK!

In the meantime, let's get some conversation going:

If you were creating this bracket, what would your top four seeds be?


Natsthename said...

You simply cannot leave out those Python guys!

Eden said...


My husband named Animal House, Duck Soup, Sixteen Candles and M*A*S*H* (technically a black comedy). He says if M*A*S*H* doesn't count, he picks Groundhog Day. He also mentioned The Graduate, Little Miss Sunshine and Some Like It Hot.

Mine would probably be When Harry Met Sally..., This is Spinal Tap, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Young Frankenstein. Also The Women, Dr Strangelove, The Princess Bride, It Happened One Night, Modern Times and The Incredibles (although Ratatouille is edging it out).

Shallow Grave = excellent call.

O' Tim said...

2. Blazing Saddles
3. Caddyshack
4. O Brother Where Art Thou?

5. Withnail and I

Miz UV said...

Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety, Analyze This, and All Of Me should be in there.

Jodie K said...

If you were creating this bracket, what would your top four seeds be?

A Fish Called Wanda
Best in Show
Better Off Dead

Emma said...

Hmmm, I have a feeling this year is going to be more difficult than last year.

Best in Show, Little Miss Sunshine (Oscars = ROBBED!), The Breakfast Club, Life of Brian, The Big Lebowski, and I know I'm forgetting some of my favorites...but it's Sunday morning and I've only had a half cup of coffee.

Is The Big Night considered a comedy or a dramedy? If it's a comedy, then that's in my top.

Al says: The Blues Brothers and The Blues Brothers.

Cody Bones said...

Stripes, Caddyshack, Airplane, and Blazing Saddles. I am a traditionalist.

Natsthename said...

Some Like It Hot
Monty Python And The Holy Grail
The Princess Bride

Of course, Princess Bride is often classified as action/adventure/fantasy, but it's one of the funniest movies ever, so I include it as a comedy. I have to love all of the above mentioned films, but these are my own top 4.

Jefe said...

Man, this is going to be so fun. So very fun. Some of you have named movies for your top four that didn't even make the field of 64. Ooh, you're going to be pissed!

Natsthename said...

I think at least two of mine will be in the 64, or at least I'm hoping so!!

Grapes 2.0 said...

It's hard to name comedies, because they don't persist as well as drama films. You can always find something new in Casablanca, but most comedies are like jokes, and you only need to hear them once.

My too three are all classics:

1. A Night at the Opera
2. Sons of the Desert
3. Life of Brian

because they in some way or other pushed the definition of what comedy can be, and changed everything that came later. I could go on, but I won't.

And I think I'll leave it there. All the candidates for fourth place are as good as each other, whereas the first three really stand out.

Jefe said...

A Night at the Opera over Duck Soup, eh? Most critics would disagree. Then again, most critics are assholes. There's not a Marx Brothers movie I haven't seen multiple times, nor is there one I don't love. The very cool thing is that my kids love them as well. Harpo is, of course, their favorite - they're not yet old enough to truly appreciate the brilliance of Zeppo.

Paticus said...

Top Seeds ?
Holy Grail
Young Frankenstein
Big Lebowski

Anonymous said...

Monty Python all the way.

My husband, who will be helping me play this year, says:
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
Pink Panther

I say:
Legally Blonde (yes, really)
The Princess Bride
A Fish Called Wanda
Some Like It Hot

Asbestos Dust said...

Life of Brian
Holy Grail
Young Frankenstein
Top Secret

Close fifth: "300". OK, it wasn't supposed to be a comedy, but if you didn't get a belly-laugh out of watching that many Muslims being chopped to hamburger and sent to Allah, you're made of stone.

- AD -

radical mama said...

Blazing Saddles
The Big Lebowski
Best in Show (I'd settle for Spinal Tap:) )
and MP and the Holy Grail

I can't believe you're making us wait another week. EVIL!

Teacake said...

My top four are my comedy-definers:
The Grail
Spinal Tap
The Jerk
Blazing Saddles

And rounding out the top 8:
O Brother
When Harry Met Sally (special mention as the definitive romantic comedy)
Tenenbaums, obvs :)

You could replace almost any of those with Austin Powers and I'd see the argument for it.

Cheezy said...

Some great movies here... I can't disagree with any of the Python ones, any of the Mel Brooks ones, any of the Coen ones, any of the Marx Brothers... or with O'Tim about 'Withnail and I'... (along with 'The Big Lebowski', that's probably my favourite comedy of the last 20 years)...

Here's an era nobody seems to like though... the weird hippy stuff from the 60s/early 70s. Is no one else here into:

Peter Sellers in 'The Party'? ("Birdy Num Num!")

Jack Lemmon in 'The Out of Towners'?

George Segal in 'Where's Poppa?'

I wouldn't blame you if you weren't. I'm only asking :)

Oh, and while we're on the subject of hippy comedies, howz about 'Fritz the Cat'? :)

Emma said...

Ahhh..."Where's Poppa?" I think Ruth Gordon's performance was more memorable than George Segal's. How many of you actually tried Pepsi on your Froot Loops after seeing that movie? It'll definitely give you a nice sugar buzz for the rest of your morning.

Joe the Troll said...

I second "The Party."

I would also add:

Arsenic & Old Lace
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein (go ahead, make fun of me.)
NBT (Never Been Thawed)

Joe the Troll said...

I also just realized that I don't see much Woody Allen mentioned. "Love & Death", "Take the Money and Run," "Play It Again, Sam," and "Everything You Wanted to Know......." are ALL hilarious.

Cristen said...


Oscar (Sylvester Stallone!)
Pure Luck

Cristen said...

Of course, then I thought of What About Bob!!

krissy said...

I didn't get a chance to add any of my choices, but that's ok...I'll just wait til next week and see what is there. I liked the Big Lebowski, so my humor is a bit warped...

jeff.. Travis told me that he wants to be Harpo for Halloween... he's 9 and wants to watch the Marx Bros almost every weekend!!

Joe the Troll said...

"but if you didn't get a belly-laugh out of watching that many Muslims being chopped to hamburger and sent to Allah, you're made of stone."

My God, what a racist piece of shit you are. No, it's not just being "pro-American." One can be pro-American without being a racist waste of sperm like you.